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Fanfic submission - Thilbo

Title: The Only Choice

Author: MirielOfGisborne

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Slash (non-smut), Alternative Universe, end-of-story spoilers

Genre: Romance, Angst, Alternative Universe

Ship: Bilbo x Thorin

Summary: In the relative aftermath of the BoFA, Bilbo and Thorin’s rekindled friendship grows into a deeper affection, but for Bilbo it is a source of anxiety. Traumatized by almost losing Thorin, intimidated by the responsibility of loving a king, and a little homesick, he has but one choice to make in order to find peace.

Links: tumblr,, Archive of Our Own

avrelivs asked: "hi there! would you by chance know of a particular story about thorin where he survived and keeps a fem-bilbo, or it may have even been an oc, locked away in a secret room because they're in a coma. it's crazy dark and twisted. it's first person narrative, with the narrator addressing the entire matter. i've been on ao3 for nearly three hours searching and still no luck. thanks!"

Anyone any ideas? I’m sorry, I don’t know the story but it sounds like a good one.

posted 9 months ago

Title: Sudulthurkh

Author: Nightchaser _sla
Rating: M
Warnings: violence. Smut
Genre: romance/angst.
Ship: Bilbo/Thorin, Fili/Kili … many more besides.
Summary: Three years after the Battle of the Five Armies, a heartsick and abandoned Bilbo comes across a Dwarf merchant selling jewellery in the local markets. It is then that he discovers that Kili … now betrothed to Crown Prince Fili … has been captured by Saurons minions and is being held for ransom within Mordor itself. The price for his return? The Arkenstone and the head of the King Under the Mountain.

Or the story in which Bilbo goes to Mordor to save Kili.

Link to story:

Streets of Fire

Title: Streets of Fire
Author: ShadowChanger
Rating: M
Warnings: some harmful suppression of ‘magical’ abilities, occasional foul language, occasional fantasy world violence, eventual lemons, eventual smut
Genre: Adventure, Alternate Universe, Romance
Ship: Bilbo/Thorin
Summary: Elemental!AU where Bilbo Baggins is the first hobbit Fire-Caller in five centuries, decides he is quite finished with the local prejudice, thank you very much, and marches out his front door with a Company of Stone- and Metal-Calling dwarves. The blasted wizard is there, too, of course. They just can’t seem to shake him.

Fanfiction Contest [Reblog/Share/Enter]

Due to a popular demand of Hobbit characters x OC females I’ve decided to throw a little fanfiction contest. There’s just a few rules to stick to and who knows? You might be the winner of an epic Hobbitfanfiction.tumblr Award! Yes!

The Rules? I hate rules

That’s it. Simple isn’t it?

You’ve written a story….. then what?

I realize this is a challenge to have you write a crossover of some kind and I have no regrets. It’s hard to get the feel of a completely made-up character, there are too many Mary-Sue risks, and this way you’ll be introducing readers to new fandoms as well. Sounds smashing, doesn’t it? *_* 

Submit date:

This should give you enough time to write something, either one-shot or multi-chapter. 

I’ll be making a new category for stories submitted to this contest. Winner’s announced at the start of 2014. 

Please reblog and share this. I’d love to see this reach as many fanfiction writers, Hobbit fans, crossover lovers and crazy fan girls as possible. And then get writing <3

followedby-allmyfilis asked: "I was wondering if you had any fanfic suggestions concerning an OC with either Fili or Kili? x"

That’s a really good question. I’m looking for good suggestions myself. I do know is filled with OC shipping fanfiction, but it is the reason I don’t read fanfiction there. It’s too much Mary-Sue in my opinion. If anyone has some proper suggestions please feel free to share. And you’ve brought me on ideas, miss ;D

spookyboromir asked: "do you have any kili x female OC fics?"

Not on this  archive yet. I do believe is filled with it. Almost any story I’ve come across there features an OC female in it. You could have a look there. Of try and place a call for one if you have a specific idea in mind. 

Title: Those Who Wander
Author: HD Lynn
Rating: T
Warnings: Some fantasy world violence, very occasional foul language  
Genre: Adventure and Romance
Ship: Thorin/OC
Summary: When Beth Hale goes home after her grandfather’s death, she losses a home in just one day, but ends up finding more then she ever could have dreamed. She finds herself in the company of strangers and just might make some friends but not without struggles and hardships. Will she ever go home again, or will another one appear where she least expected to find it?

posted 1 year ago

Title: Minifill: Durinfam, TW: non-con
Author: Anonymous
Rating: M
Warnings: Noncon, inexplicit, incest
Genre: Family, Angst
Ship: None, Kíli
Summary: When Fili and Kili are younger dwarves, someone starts regularly raping Kili. In the aftermath, Kili always sneaks in, usually in the night, and comes to Fili who cleans him up and comforts him, though for some reason Fili can’t do anything about it. Kili tries to sneak in one night and is caught by Thorin.

Source: Livejournal Meme

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Title: Throwing Stones
Author: Corgi
Rating: T (will be M later on)
Warnings: None
Genre: General, Romance
Ship: Thorin x Bilbo
Summary: Everyone has a spirit animal, no matter what race. Some say that there’s an art to predicting what someone’s animal might be, but truth be told, there isn’t. They change and grow with their other half, and live and breathe with them. You can be sure that they’ll be the perfect match.

Bilbo and Marlough Baggins never expected this. They were content, and they certainly don’t need a wolf and a dwarf hounding them constantly!

Source: AO3

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